Health & Safety

At K&R Services, we believe that safety starts at the top with dedication and enforcement by management in order to create strong safety etiquette. Government legislation is the minimum guideline we adhere to – we’re striving to reach a safety level above and beyond. It is genuinely important to us to keep our worksites safe for all workers and for the environment.

Keeping Crews Safe
Our labour team of workers is equipped and trained in all aspects of our industry 

Members in Good Standing
To make sure we are as up to date as possible with the latest safety techniques, we maintain memberships in a number of safety-related organizations:

  • Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA)
  • ComplyWorks
  • ISNetworld
  • British Columbia Safety Authority
  • Transport Canada (Transport of Dangerous Goods)
  • Alberta Boilers Safety Association (ABSA)
  • Certificate of Recognition

Quality Control
We are Quality Control-registered through the Alberta Boilers Safety Association and the British Columbia Safety Authority, and we offer detailed quality control documentation to ensure that quality materials and procedures are used for all projects.

Partnerships in Injury Reduction COR
We maintain a Certificate of Recognition from the Alberta Construction Safety Association for implementing our own health and safety program, which meets the principles of their Partnerships in Injury Reduction program.

Our trucks and equipment are monitored with the FleetComplete® tracking system, which handles maintenance, location and speed compliance.

Contact Us
Safety takes teamwork and is everyone’s responsibility! If you have questions about K&R Services’ worker health and safety, we’ll be happy to answer them. Just get in touch with us.